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Custom Software

At EOSCON we have implemented software systems tailored to the needs of individual customers for more than 15 years.
At the core of our skills lies our software development process drawn from international standards and tools, and exploiting Agile methodologies, like SCRUM. We take pride in being able to guarantee an outcome that meets stringent requirements such as demand for high performance, increased system availability, event handling from many sources, as well as adjustment to large scale deployment
We develop applications for on premises or cloud use and excel at delivering systems based on a mix of requirements


System Design

Whether you are contemplating the design of an application from scratch or you are seeking a solution that leverages and extends the functionality of an existing system, we have the knowhow and tools to make a design that realizes your vision.


Software Testing

Our integrations, powerful reports and dashboard gadgets make it easy to ensure readiness to deploy.


Web Application Development

Ranging from a simple corporate web presentation to the automation of business transactions, we carry the technical expertise and business savvy to provide original and functional solutions.


Mobile Application Development

EOSCON exploits state-of-the-art technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, to deliver mobile solutions for practically every business need.


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